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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

who loves you more

She even notice when I repeat her words. It is somehow a joy to watch her grow, physically and intelligently. Amazing how everyday I discover new things that just make my heart melt. She notice things that sometime I don't even notice.

The more I see her grow the older I grow. What an irony aye :)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No more kisses

I guess there is time limit when a dad get kisses from their kids. One morning i kissed her when she wasn't noticing. But she didn't like it and revolted.

Then her mom (as know from the women side) said that a girl at a certain age can decide if she wants a kiss from her parents or not and as parent I need to ask before I kiss her. She refused to be kissed and the rest (sister and their mom) also refused.

Now I am a kissless dad and wonder when the time will come back again.
stop kissing me, you stinky daddy
you should know by then that there is a certain age when she doesn't wanna be kissed again. next time you have to ask before you kiss her

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Bats

When I was a kid back when I was still living in Bali, I remember our mango tree always got ransacked by the bats shortly before the mango season come.

Now when the kids left apples half uneaten, it always makes me sad too see and also a bad memory recall of my childhood.

Funny, after telling the bats story to the kids, they stopped their bad behavior of leaving half eaten fruits gone wasted. It really works and our fruit stays longer in the fruit bowl. Also give me some chance to have some actually :)
seeing uneaten left over fruits just make me sad.
when the night falls the bats came and ransacked our mango tree. there were non left the next morning

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The five whys

why is that lady looking at me.?
but why beauty interest eyes for the beholder?

The five whys is actually a technique to find out what is actually the main reason behind "question". Say if something is not going the right direction, then the best way to solve this is by asking why is this thing not going well...then you should go deeper into the cause usually by the 5th time there should be a result or lets say the core cause of the problem.

There is something interesting about a kid's why question. They tend to ask about everything and as parent the most important thing is to truthfully answer all questions.

Monday, March 18, 2013

father daughter conversation

how was your day at the kindergarten
Juno cried so did I but later we felt better. the baby giraffe died and the mom was really sad.
I have to confess that she is like me. We usually talk about things that are so abstract and most of the time doesn't make any sense. When we get into conversation we were like talking on a phone but different lines.

This conversation is recorded from my point of view.

Let me know what you think.