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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Switzerland Holiday

This 16 page comic strips was created during our 7 days trip to Switzerland. Every page was recorded on each day and done straight using brush pen and normal ink pen for the story (no pencling). I done this quickly because I just want o convey a story fresh from my experience. You even notice that this time the colours are not as sophisticated as the previous comic.

I hope everyone enjoys the story and please feel free to leave some comment either here or on facebook.

Available in English and Indonesian only this time. It took a really longtime to translate into a language.

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These are real pictures during our trip. Maybe you can reference them to the comis strip

The lake where we were at the last day. A hidden paradise.

At the top of the mountain as a group. We made it.

View from the citadel near the church facing the Rhein river

Next to Freddy Mercury statue at Montreoux. A french part od Swizterland and one of the most beautiful lake part of Switzerland.

The traditional Swiss racquellete. Grill cheese.

A paradise for flower pickers

Almost everyday view when goen hiking

View from our room at the Chalet where we were staying

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

who loves you more

She even notice when I repeat her words. It is somehow a joy to watch her grow, physically and intelligently. Amazing how everyday I discover new things that just make my heart melt. She notice things that sometime I don't even notice.

The more I see her grow the older I grow. What an irony aye :)

available in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Deutsch

To see the full resolution, just click the image :) Enjoy

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Monday, May 27, 2013

ice cream with a cone ...

At some stage in the growing age (say between 3-5) kids are persistent of what they actually want, however their mind can also change immaterially as soon as they see or experience something else.

On one occasion, I remember we went out for an excursion and she saw an ice cream salon (Gelateria). She wanted to have an ice in a cone, but I decided that she rather eat out of the cup to avoid sticky hand and touching here and there everything will be sticky. I even told her, that she is not old enough to handle a cone. Eversince that occasion she always try to break the ice berg by persisting that she can handle ice cream with cone and not making any mess (no sticky hand).

She was persisting so much, that made me change my decision and let her have ice in a cone on our next trip when we find another ice cream salon. Funnily after screaming and persisting, then she saw a new ice cream menu she never saw before that had so many choice. All her principles about ice cream in a come just change in an instant.

This edition of love pot magic comic available both in English and Indonesian languages.

That was the story

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