Monday, May 13, 2013

OO beach

I am not saying that we are against freedom of body expression (that's what fkk beach is all about), but when travelling with kids an see such a scene, it is just hard to explain.

On this trip we decided to go for a walk at a far side of the Danube river bank. At the beginning it was a hidden paradise because none was there, but after walking about one kilometer and out of no people at all there were one couple laying bare without anything on, we were just surprised. Not knowing that we were actually at a OO beach. Funny because we wanted to keep quite and just passed the bare couple. However the kids kept asking and saying out loud about po and stuff. Was quite embarrassing to us in a way.

Then we try to avoid such a scene by going to the other side of the river, without even know that the other side was actually the hub or center of one of the oldest and popular OO spot in Vienna. I also heard from someone that it has been existed since the time of the emperor.

Funny yet entertaining trip, especially for the kids.
on a nice sunday morning going for a stroll along the danube river. All over a sudden we say a couple without clothes sun bathingtry to avoid the obscene scene, but we ended up in the center of the OO site.


  1. Funny! You went there on purpose! Come on, admit it :-)

    1. nope....fully accidental. not that nice anyway...full of old people